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Optimus Digital Future

Optimus AI Labs (OAi), Africa’s emerging AI-tech company is pleased to unveil Optimus Digital Future (ODF) a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting AI-Education across Africa.

Optimus Digital Future was established out of OAi’s dedication to advancing seamless access to AI education across Africa.

Optimus AI Labs recognizes that several factors contribute to the significant disparity in Africa’s tech space, including race, gender, economic limitations, and a lack of awareness.

However, with ODF, Optimus AI Labs aims to dismantle these barriers and pave the way for an inclusive society through its people-focused programs, which are – AI Advocacy, Skill-Up Trainings, Optimus AI Academy and its flagship Talent Acceleration Program (TAP).

The AI Advocacy program will utilize awareness initiatives and mass media partnerships to demystify AI for adoption usage.

The Skill Up training program, currently running with partner-media organisation offers on-demand AI-Focused training sessions for professionals and corporate entities.

The soon to be unveiled Optimus Academy is a learning platform for Tech, Business and AI education open to all via the Optimus LMS with operational rollout expected to commence in Q3 of 2024, while the TAP iniative is a scaled training programing primarily for youths.

Speaking on this development, Lanre Basamta, CEO of Optimus AI Labs, “At Optimus AI Labs, we’re passionate about harnessing the power of AI to create a better future.

However, we recognise that this future can only be truly transformative if everyone has the opportunity to learn and participate. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the launch of Optimus Digital Future.”

According to Lanre, ODF’s partnership with leading critical stakeholders such as the big tech (Microsoft), media and tech professionals will make AI knowledge more accessible to everyone.

“Optimus Digital Future is our commitment to ensuring equitable access to AI education across Africa. We believe AI has the potential to drive incredible possibilities for the continent, and ODF is our way of empowering Africans to become active participants in shaping this exciting future.”

Commenting on the significance of an inclusive AI education, Moyinoluwa Joseph, Country Program Head of ODF said, “We firmly believe that AI has the potential to reshape lives,”

“However, the true benefits of this transformative technology can only be reaped when the wellspring of knowledge and skills overflows and reaches all corners of Africa. ODF was born from this commitment to shatter the barriers that confine AI education to a privileged few, making it accessible and affordable for all.”

Optimus Digital Future is embarking on this journey with clearly defined objectives. We aim to equip 10,000 Africans with world-class AI training by 2030 at a fraction of the standard cost, making it attainable for a broader range of learners as driving diversity within the global AI workforce is paramount.

ODF is committed to achieving this by connecting the top 5% of their graduates with leading organisations.

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